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Digital Technologies

Our Vision for Digital Technologies

At Essendon North Primary School  we will lead the way in the creative and successful embedding of technology in an IB PYP context.  Our digital citizens will be connected to and thriving in a 21st century and future focused learning environment, where they are supported to exceed expectations in the digital realm.

Technology access at ENPS

Foundation - Year Two students have access to iPads within the classroom, the school actively maintains a ratio of 1 : 2 devices to support the effective use of digital technology across the school.

Year Three - Year Six students have access to their own digital device in class and at home through our 1 : 1 Bring your own device program. As a school we recommend iPads as the preferred device for our students as they offer a more comprehensive choice of apps, have a consistent, reliable and secure operating system, and their portability and flexibility support individual student learning needs. 

These highly personalised devices can be tailored to engage a variety of learning styles and can be differentiated to encompass a multitude of abilities. Our staff have, individually and collectively, developed their curriculum, learning and teaching using these devices as tools.

Students are supported in the development of cyber safe and digitally aware behaviours and collectively work towards shared essential agreements surrounding the use of digital devices. We have a comprehensive digital citizenship policy, in line with the requirements of the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Year Three - Year Two Technology Buddies

The purpose of the Technology Buddies is for the Year Three students to introduce the Year Two students to the responsibilities of technology use when they transition to Year Three. This programme is run throughout Term Four of each year to prepare the Year Three students for the middle years. The Year Three students are provided with the opportunity to be role models and share their learning and understanding of being safe and responsible technology users alongside introducing the Year Two students to particular apps that will be used in the classroom the following year.